In 1999 the gospel record label formerly known as “CHURCHOUSE RECORDS” was started in Detroit, MI. The inspiration for such a challenging task started years before and was sparked by the desire to see gospel music and message stay pure. In the 90’s contemporary gospel music had began to delude its message about the gospel. It began to get to the point that the songs were not clear enough about who and what has God got to do with it.

The 1st five years of the label was filled with hard work, excitement, growth, goal achievements. But by the end of the 5th year challenges came and caused this question to arise… “Are you sure, that this is what God told you to do?” The Idea of giving up began to look like the best thing to do. But, thank God, He didn’t allow the vision to die!

The Lord confirmed His will by making ways for projects to be released. Which are found on our SHOP PAGE!!!

CHURCHOUSE RECORDS then became CHURCHOUSE PRODUCTIONS! The Lord began to give inspiration to reorganize and rebuild the label from the inside to the outside.

Today, CHURCHOUSE PRODUCTIONS is a multimedia business that focus’ on Glorifying God, building up Christians and reaching out to the lost. CHURCHOUSE PRODUCTIONS looks for innovative ways to use music, video, internet tools, books, graphics and our 1st featured film “WELCOME TO FAITHTOWN / REAL LOVE!“, which continues to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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