Dray Hill has been involved in music for over 20 years. It is now, that the Lord has began to fine tune his ministry. His style of music features the bass Guitar and solid gospel lyrics. It has been coined as “FAITHAPHONIC” which means the “sound of faith”.
Under the experience mentorship of minister James Mitchell Jr, formerly of the Detroit Emeralds, Dray’s ministry presentation has become an event of praise and worship.This first release under the Churchouse Productions label formerly known as Churchouse Records is entitled, “Real Christians”.Dray’s music has been revamped, remixed, powered up and upgrade!
“The first reason I wanted to release the Maxi Single, “Real Christian” is because of the injection of new life given by the engineers, AJ Sparks and Author Pugh, with additional instrumental contributions from guitarists Ron Preist, Aaron Hill and label mate, gospel artists Tim Evans.”
“The second and most important reason…” say Dray “… is the clear warning signs of the times. Descriptions tell us about the activities that will be happening on earth which will give us an estamated time about Jesus’s return.”
Dray goes on to say…”The song Real Christians is a wake up call for Christians all over the world to tighten up, shape up, and get in the fight. With the mission to be a light to the world, the salt of the earth, for others to be ready when Jesus comes for His church.”
The anthem, Real Christian has been inspired by God to cause His Nation, according to (1st Peter 2:9), to come together and stand firm. Churchouse Productions supports this call, 1st Pt. 2:9. The “1P2:9 Banner”, CHP Wristbands and of course the Real Christians Maxi Single.
Will Real Christians please stand up and join the movement!!!
Dray’s project is scheduled for release on April 25, 2015. To stay updated for information about the actual drop date visit us frequently at facebook, www.freeblogdesign.com .

Download your copy of the D. Dray Hill Single “REAL CHRISTIANS”

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